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Hi yualsss, Assalammualikum!
hows today? yualsss happy? not? kfine, just tenang kan aty k, just relaxxxx, jyeahh!
here, im updating my post, hee, bout what?
yeahh! lets move on, about my sista ah, sape lagi? huh!
nape mesti rindu? sebab aty nak rindu ahhh (:
im trying to not think bout it right now,  butttttt!
the more i try to foged, the more it keeps running in my head, huh!
ayad macam masala besa kan? ah! memang betul pun! masala besaaaaaaa bagi saye, adohhh --'
can you tell me ape yang patud saye buad tuk hilang kan rindu ni?
*no answerrrrrrr
hay, nape sume diammm, bagi lah jawapannnnn, huh --'
how can i control my self? i pun dun know, huh, banyak gila saye mengeluh ary ni, why? i dont knoww
am i over thinking to much? i think no! yeah, NO! (:
i always wanna together with my sista, wanna share a story, wanna share a sad story, wanna laughing together, everything ahh!
i miss you so much nur izzaty! bile kite nak meet ni? hee
dear sista, i like the way you always take care me, i love the way you smile, i love the way you ask my frens where am i, i love everything that you do to me (:
words cannot decribe how much i love you ahh, hee
yang penting rindu ahhh
you dont know how it feels, cause you not in my shoes, yeahh, siyesly, huwaaa
ahh dah, tak tahu nak cakap cam ne lagi
cam saye kate tadi